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If you know me, then you defs know I am a person that likes to be on time, is very organized and *slightly* type A so I’m quite upset at myself that my Goodbye May, Hello June 2018 post is going up on June 13!! 🙁 Preferably, I like these posts to go up between the […]


SURPRISE!! If you follow me on Instagram then you may have already seen this, but I’m sharing my new creative June 2018 project with you today! I’ve been loving using procreate on my iPad to make wallpapers for myself and I thought why not share them with you?! FOR FREE! Oh yeah, friends!! Today I’m sharing three different […]

Shine (EP)

Shine is a very fun, entertaining slice of poppy magic with bouncy songs sung by a vocalist whose strong voice handles the material with class and care… you should definitely make room for Claudia Norris’ Shine on your turntable. 4/5 - Stars Skope Magazine

Shine is a four song EP filled with catchy pop songs, written solely by Claudia Norris and recorded in Nashville, TN.