Claudia Norris

What’s In my carry on Suitcase?! ✈︎

Hello! Welcome to part TWO of my travel carry on mini series! If you didn’t see part one, click HERE to check it out! Today I’m going to be showing you everything that I bring (and can fit) in my “big” (ish… it’s a carry on people) suitcase. I have a 22 inch, the biggest […]

Top 5 Favorite MAC Blushes!

Hello! Today I have my 5 favorite MAC blushes for you today! If you’re just joining me, welcome! This is my fourth (and last of this mini-series) MAC Favorites post, I’ve already talked about my 10 overall favorite products, top 10 lipsticks and 15 favorite eyeshadows, and you can read any of those posts by clicking them! […]

Top 15 Favorite MAC Eyeshadows!

Happy Wednesday!! I am so excited to share my 15 favorite eyeshadows with you today! If this is the first post you’re seeing in my MAC series then welcome!! I have already done my top 10 favorite products (overall) and my top 10 favorite lipsticks. MAC Cosmetics is pretty well known for their eyeshadows, and I think they […]

What’s In My Kate Spade Carry On?! ✈︎

Hello! Travel posts are some of my favorite to write because it means I’m either going somewhere, or I just got back from somewhere! I’m a huge travel bug, and I love sharing my adventures with you guys! I also have done a fair bit of traveling in my time, and I’ve figured out some […]

Kiss Me // Photograph – Ed Sheeran Mashup

Here is my cover of ‘Kiss Me // Photograph Mashup’ by Ed Sheeran! You can also download it for FREE from SoundCloud below!

Top 10 MAC Products! (EVER!)

Happy Thursday! This might be one of my favorite videos I’ve ever done, because I’ve wanted to do it for so long! After lots of intense, scientific research, lots of money, and a job at MAC I feel confidant enough to tell you my Top 10 Favorite MAC Products! (Ever.) I have a pretty diverse […]

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks!

Hey there! I’m really excited to be sharing the first post in a new mini series I will be doing this month! I’ve been obsessed with MAC Cosmetics for as long as I can remember… I got my first “haul” in 2007. I love the company so much I worked there for 10 months. MAC […]

‘Hello, Hello’ EP Announcement & GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys!! I’M SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE MY NEW EP! If you follow me on social media (if you don’t what are you even doing?!) you’ll already know about my new four song EP hello, hello! 🙂 This whole EP was created start to finish in Los Angeles California! A blog post about that will be coming soon! […]