Claudia Norris

PARKSHOW – YEG Fashion & Art Show!

Hello! Alright #Claudiators, I have a blog post specially for my Edmonton followers! I’ve been invited to attend a fashion and arts show at West Edmonton Mall, and I want to invite you to come too! PARKSHOW is hosted by PARK, which stands for “Promoting Artists, Redefining Kulture.” The event will be featuring new and upcoming Canadian designers, so it’s […]

Makeup & Clothing Haul! (From Nashville!)

Hi there! So being the #shopaholic that I am, I really couldn’t go to the states and come home empty handed! I mean, there are just too many fun things to buy! While I was in Nashville, I did sneak in some time for shopping. I went to Ulta, Chico’s, Lane Bryant and Walgreens for […]

Nashville 2015!

Hello! I recently went to Nashville, TN to do some singing, songwriting, and recording! I absolutely love Nashville, and I knew that I wanted to take you guys along with me on this trip, so I vlogged my whole trip! Be sure to watch the video below (I think it’s my longest video ever! 🙈) and check back on […]

Travel Makeup: Skincare & Toiletries! (Part 2)

Hi guys! So as promised, here is part 2 of my mini ‘Travel Makeup’ blog post series. In part 1 I showed you the makeup I travel with, and you can read that HERE! So, obviously you can’t travel with just makeup alone, and a skin care routine is super important to have, and should NOT be […]

How I Edit my Instagram Pictures!

Happy Thursday! I showed you ‘What’s On My iPhone‘ earlier this week, and because this topic was so requested, I thought it deserved its own video! I’m going to be showing you how I edit my Instagram pictures! In the video below I go over my favorite apps to edit my photos with, and the very scientific process […]

Travel Makeup! (Part 1)

Happy Tuesday! Okay, so who doesn’t like a surprise blog post?! I haven’t done a post in a while that was just photos and text and well, I’ve missed it! I have gotten so many questions on what makeup comes with me when I travel, so I wanted to show you what I normally take […]

‘Shine’ Now Playing on College Radio Stations!!

I am beyond excited to say that my EP Shine is now being played on college radio stations across Canada and the US! I’d like to say a huge thank you to the following stations for spinning my EP to their listeners! Shine has even charted on several stations, and you can see that list HERE! Don’t forget that YOU […]

‘Shine’ Charts on College Radio Stations!!

I am SO excited to announce to you that my EP Shine has CHARTED on college radio stations across Canada and the US!! Thank you so much to all the stations that have been playing Shine! (A full list of where Shine has been played and IS playing can be found HERE!) Thank you to the following stations for spinning […]

What’s On My iPhone 6S+?!

Hey there! So you guys have been asking for an updated “What’s On My iPhone” for quite a while now, and when my mom surprised me with an upgrade for my birthday, I knew I wanted to do an updated video with the new phone! My birthday was on September 16, and my phone didn’t come […]

Perfect – One Direction

Here is my cover of ‘Perfect’ by One Direction! You can also download it for FREE from SoundCloud below!