Claudia Norris

Biggest Makeup Haul EVER!

  Hello! I haven’t done a haul video in a hot minute, and with products piling up in the studio waiting to be shown to the world, I thought it was about time! I bought way too much makeup (which I’m fully admitting, my makeup anonymous meeting is tomorrow LOL) while I was travelling in the […]

Disneyland & Universal Studios 2016!

Happy Thursday! If you follow me on social media (if you don’t, come follow me and let’s be friends!!) then you’ll already know I just went on a trip to DISNEYLAND aka my favorite place on earth and Universal Studios with two of my best friends! I put up my travel vlog yesterday which you can […]

Let It Go – James Bay

Here is my version of ‘Let It Go’ by James Bay! You can download it for FREE from SoundCloud below!    

Mother Daughter Tag/Q&A!

Happy Saturday! I thought in honour of Mother’s Day this weekend (if you forgot, it’s tomorrow go get your mom something right now!!) I would do another video with MY mom, mama Vray aka Veronica aka Mom! 🙂 You guys have been asking for another video with her in it, so here it is. I pulled some […]

Road Trip 2016 – #ClaudiaCrossesAmerica

Hey there! If you follow me on social media, specifically Instagram: @claudiaa_, Snapchat: @claudiaa_16 or you’re subscribed to my Youtube channel, you’d know that I recently went on a road trip across the US with my brother! I did a whole video on my road trip essentials (you can watch that here) and I thought I would be vlogging this […]