Claudia Norris


Welcome to my website where I share and combine my two big passions in life: music and makeup!!

I’m a singer/songwriter currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I frequently travel to Nashville and LA to perform, songwrite and record. I’ve been posting my music videos to YouTube since 2007, songwriting since I was 14 and singing before I could talk!

My love of makeup and beauty led me to become a certified makeup artist in 2012. That same year I also began posting highly-requested beauty-related videos to my YouTube channel.

I want to inspire and empower girls and women in a positive, fun way to feel good about themselves and be the best they can be, inside and out!

Join me here at for your weekly music and beauty fix and follow me on social media for your daily dose of inspiration!


Here are some frequently asked questions from my #Claudiators:

When is your birthday? September 16, 1994

Who’s your musical inspiration? Taylor Swift, Adele, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran and Meghan Trainor

Five must haves in your purse? iPhone, lip balm, wallet, car keys and a guitar pick

What’s your favorite color? Pink. Obvs.

Current obsessions? Chocolate, Reality TV, and decorating my Erin Condren Life Planner

If you have a question for me send me an email or tweet me @ClaudiaaNorris 😊

Claudia Norris

Short Bio

Currently calling Edmonton, AB, Canada home, this singer/songwriter frequents Nashville & LA to record, write and perform. Her EP Shine has received airplay on over 100 college and non-commercial radio stations, and has charted on over 10 of those stations. Shine won first place in the Adult Contemporary category in the 2015 Great American Song Contest. Claudia loves con- necting with her 30,000+ fans, her Claudiators, across Canada, the United States and internation- ally through social media.

Live Performance


Claudia’s country and folk-infused pop songs are fun, upbeat and catchy, but also resonate on a deeper level. Body-positivity, anti-bullying and believing in yourself are underlying messages in her songwriting.


"Norris has a real penchant for writing memorable choruses and attacking them with tremendous verve and feeling… Norris’ songwriting ties everything up neatly into an entertaining musical package… Her voice is a dynamic, inspiring instrument capable of great power and sensitivity quite unlike the vast majority of popular performers. Moreover, her commitment to involving herself in every part of the releases’ creation, writing producing and playing, distinguishes her as a true artist among pop merchants. 9 out of 10 stars. " - No Depression By Cyrus Rhodes