Claudia Norris

10 Things I Want To Do In Disneyworld!!

by Claudia

Hello and Happy MAGIC Monday!

I am so so excited about today’s post because it’s about Disneyworld!! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know this, but I’m going to WDW with my best friend Megan in just under a month! We’re both beyond excited about this trip… if you don’t know about my obsession love of Disney then I don’t know where you’ve been haha. It is one of my favorite things in life and there are many days where I think about just packing up and moving to Orlando. And yes I’ve looked into being a princess/cast member but unfortunately, I’m too tall. Also, I wanted to take a quick second and say I’m sending good vibes to my fave place and everyone going through Hurricane Irma right now… please stay safe and dry!!

Megan and I have already ordered our magic bands, booked our fast passes and dining reservations… there is not much left to do but pack and get on our flight! I thought it would be fun in anticipation for our trip to write out a post listing 10 fun/silly things I want to do/eat/take pictures of while I’m there because like I said I’m very excited for this trip but mostly so I don’t forget!!

If you’re an avid Disney goer and have any other suggestions for me please let me know in a comment or tweet! And obviously these pics aren’t mine (except the one with me in it LOL!) so I’ve credited the original posters. 🙂

Photo Cred: Matt Crump on Instagram

Photo cred: cindyrelly._ on Instagram

Things I Want to Buy:

1. Rose Gold and/or Paris Disney Ears. Honestly, both these ears are ADORABLE and since my ears are currently in storage *heart broken fml* I defs need to get a new pair… or two!

Photo cred: Styledbymagic on Instagram

Photo cred: Magicandwishes on Instagram

2. Mickey Balloon. I have wanted a Mickey balloon every single time I’ve visited a Disney park. Every. Single. Time. I have never gotten one, but this year I WILL get one!! Not only because I’m actually 6 years old, but also because they make for hella cute pics! Extra points if I can find this Halloween one haha!

Photo cred: tumblr

3. Starbucks Mugs. I have no idea which Starbucks mugs are currently in the parks… I’ve seen pictures of different mugs for each park, but I also know that Disney and Starbucks just did a big overhaul of their “You Are Here City Mug” collection for Disneyland, so I wonder if the same happened for Disneyworld! Either way I will be on the hunt for the mug in each park and I hope I will snag ’em all! I collect these mugs so I need to add the WDW park mugs to my collection!!

Photo cred: _alexandra.marie on Instagram

Photo cred: scottyyjojo on Instagram

Things I Want To Take Pictures Of:

4. A Character dressed in Halloween Attire. Not only are character pictures the cutest but when the characters are dressed up in a COSTUME for Halloween?! All my fave things rolled into one… I’m so there!

Photo cred: dojeitoquebrasileirogosta on Instagram

5. Bubblegum Wall. This wall might be the cutest wall in WDW so I defs need a pic in front of it!

Photo cred: disneyhappyhaunt on Instagram

6. Purple Wall. This is one of the other iconic walls in Disneyworld so I need a pic in front of it too haha.

Photo cred: kevin_disney_universal_pics on Instagram

Things I Want To Eat:

7. Dole Whip. This is another iconic thing I’ve always wanted during a Disney trip but I’ve just never gotten one! I love pineapple and soft serve and I can’t have another Disney trip pass where I don’t try one… I really need to see what all the hype is about!

Photo cred: _jamieland on Instagram

8. Candy Corn Soft Serve. This yummy, festive treat is only served during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party which Megan and I are attending! So at some point during the party I will be trying this spooky treat. Probably earlier in the evening so the light is good for my IG pic. #DoItForTheGram

Photo cred: ohyeahem on Instagram

9. Mickey Waffles. This is an iconic Disney food and since we will be eating many breakfasts and eating at a character breakfast I know I will be trying these babies. I mean they’re probably definitely just waffles but they’re shaped like Mickey so they have to taste better, right?!

Photo cred: mickeysmenu on Instagram

10. The Gray Stuff and/or La Fou’s Brew. I’ve heard good things about both of these snacks, one is a drink and one is actual food… I think I’d like to try them both, but we’ll see!

The Gray Stuff – Photo cred: lisabardot on Instagram

La Fou’s Brew – Photo cred: mariahsnewgroove on Instagram

So those are the 10 things I’m hoping to buy/eat/do while in Disneyworld! Again, if I’ve missed one of your fave things please let me know. I will definitely have an update post once I’m back from my trip letting you know what ended up happening with this list! 🙂