Claudia Norris

17 Magic Things That Happened in 2017 (Highlights of 2017)

by Claudia


I can not believe it is December 30th.

Where did 2017 go?!

Seriously though! I can not believe another year has flown by and 2018 is just a few days away! I hope you had a happy holiday season with family and friends, and you’re ready to ring in the New Year! I always like to take a look back at my year, what I accomplished, some highlights of 2017, and how my word helped shape the last 12 months. If you don’t know about the word thing, you can either wait until January 1 when I reveal my 2018 word, or you can click HERE to read about it now!

Since my word for 2017 was Magic I thought I would put together a list of 17 magic things that happened in 2017! This last year was a very interesting year for me, there were some very high highs which I’ll talk about in a second, but also some very low lows. I’m trying to share some more “real” things on my social media, so this is me, bein’ real with y’all, and sharing some of my lows of 2017 real quick. Cause I don’t like to dwell on the negative haha!

The beginning of the year mentally for me was really tough. I did #ILoveMeFebruary” (you can read about that HERE) to try and change my mindset and shift my focus which definitely helped. I had foot surgery in May which ended up being unsuccessful, so I had to go back in for a second surgery a few weeks ago. I spent 8 months healing, only to have to start the process all over again which was obviously really upsetting. Along with being sad that I sat on the couch most of Christmas, I have more months of healing ahead of me and I’m not starting 2018 off on the right foot… pun intended haha. It puts a lot of plans on hold as well, because being able to walk is a pretty important part of most activities haha. Hopefully this time the surgery will be successful and I’ll be back up and running around very soon!! No more surgery for Claudia in 2018!

Lastly, we spent the majority of 2017 renovating our house! It’s something I can’t wait to share with you guys in 2018, but mentally and physically it was a huge project! I helped my mom with pretty much everything from packing and unpacking, design decisions, to even assisting with demo… who knew I was so handy?! I sure didn’t! Like I can actually build things and paint and do lots of reno related things. I definitely surprised myself with my hammer skills haha. The reno process was actually a highlight for me (see below!) but the chaos of a reno was the hard part. I felt uninspired in the rental house, a lot of my props and music related stuff was in storage, and life just felt kind of up in the air and unsettled which isn’t the best feeling. Half of my clothes and personal items were in storage, and things I thought I would have when I needed them, I didn’t! It was a crazy process but the outcome made it all worth it! I can’t wait to do a room tour for you guys really soon…!

Okay! Back to the fun part of this post… here are 17 magic things (aka highlights!) that happened in 2017!! In no particular order!

1. I released new music… a brand new single called YEG about my hometown Edmonton! I had so much fun being back in the studio recording, and I loved doing a photo shoot for the album art with Janine Rose Photography! I put up a post with all the outfit deets that you can read HERE! This song is on every music platform… iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play and many others. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I would love if you did, or you can watch the YEG lyric video HERE!

2. That new single YEG was on the FREAKING RADIO!! Since I decided to persue music full time, one of my biggest goals was to have my music on the radio. This year that actually happened!! It was such a crazy moment for me, and I am so thankful to KiSS 91.7 here in Edmonton for spinning my new track. It truly was a milesone in my career and I was so excited that my music was heard by so many new people! I put up a post on all the radio info with my on air interviews that you can read HERE!

3. I went to the most magical place in the world, Disneyworld with my best friend Megan!! We had the most amazing trip… I haven’t had trip hangover that bad ever! We spent 10 magical days in Orlando, Florida doing everything from Disneyworld to Universal Studios, to shopping, eating and vlogging! A post and some videos on this trip will be up very soon, Megan and I had so much footage and pics to go through and we just haven’t had time to do that yet! I wish I could relive that trip over and over, it was honestly just the best.

4. Speaking of Disney… my love for it translated into opening my own Etsy shop!! It is called Second Star To The Right Co. and I’ve currently got 4 Disney inspired tees up for sale. I would be so thrilled if you went and checked out my shop HERE. You can also check out the SSTTRCo Instagram and follow the shop HERE!! If you’re a Disney fanatic like me, I really think you’ll like my apparel! In the pic below I’m wearing the #ParkGoals tee in the black crew!

5. I renovated my house! Like I said before this was such a highlight of 2017 for me… working with my mom on such a creative project, it was something that was so different for me! I’m not a designer by any means… my mom didn’t even let me redecorate my room when I was growing up, so jumping into a whole HOUSE was pretty crazy! My mom just put up a post talking a bit more about the reno, if you want to read that click HERE. I’ll also be sharing more reno stuff in the near future with you guys, but for now, here is a pic of the room I spent the most time organizing… the library! All of the Norris family books are sorted by genre, and then by color haha. I’m a big fan of a rainbow library so that what I did, and it’s safe to say everyone is obsessed!!

6. I went on another cross-country road trip with my brother! He goes to University in Eastern Canada, and every year I fly out to meet him and then we drive his truck back home. I put up a blog post with the highlights of our 3rd road trip which you can read HERE! I love this annual trip my brother and I take, it gives us time to catch up, and we’ve seen SO many cool things we wouldn’t have seen otherwise! I can proudly say I’ve been to Mount Rushmore… twice haha. We’re already talking about what we’re going to do on our final road trip coming up since he graduates in May. I think it’s gonna be the best one yet since we have to end on a high note! You can read about our 2016 road trip adventures HERE!

7. Speaking of travel, my family and I went to Ottawa to watch my cousin Courtney and her then-fiance, Dillon get married!! Court is a wedding planner and owner of Courtney Elizabeth Events so of course, her wedding was incredible! I love them both so much and being at their wedding was a total highlight of 2017 for me. I also sang a song (or two!) during the reception which wasn’t planned but was super fun! Congrats again Court and Dillon!

8. I started volunteering at a local hospital! This was one of the most rewarding experiences for me in 2017, I really enjoy making someone smile, and sharing the joy of music! I sing while a few talented little dancers dance along! Every time I go, I leave feeling so full and happy. I volunteer at the hospital that my late Oma stayed at while she was fighting cancer so it has a very special place in my heart. I know how hard that time in my life was, so if I can make someone staying at the hospital or their family members feel better for a few minutes, that makes me so happy.

9. Another music highlight for me was booking a weekly artist slot at a restaurant here in Edmonton, Central Social Hall! I got to sing for 2 hours once a week on their outdoor stage and it was SO much fun! The stage was actually on the street, so I got to sing to restaurant goers and people walking by. I know it’s a few months away, but I can’t wait for patio season to start back up so I can do it again in 2018!

10. Another music and wedding highlight was singing at my friends Megan and Danyil’s wedding! Megan originally asked me to just sing my song Marry You, but that ended up turning into a set of 5 songs! I was so honored that she asked me to sing at her special day, and I loved every second of it. I actually ended up talking to Danyil and we decided to surprise Megan with an original song I wrote just for them! I took their love story and turned it into one of my favorite love songs I’ve ever written. I hope one day I can release it for you guys cause it’s a good one!!

*I’ve asked Megan and Danyil’s wedding photographer Emily for a pic of me singing, and if she has one I’ll add it here! I don’t know why I didn’t ask her sooner – oops!!*

11. My mom and I went to see Lady Gaga in concert this fall, and it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to in a long time. I’m a huge Gaga fan, and to see her live again was so inspiring. We had the best night, and I hope one day I can inspire people the same way Gaga inspired me that night!

12. I spent a weekend in Lake Louise in January relaxing and exploring the Mountains! I got the best massage and scrub at the Fairmont spa and ate at my fave restaurant The Walliser Stube. I can’t wait until my foot heals so I can get back to the mountains and back on my skis, hopefully before the 2018 season is over!

13. I turned 23 in 2017 and decided to write a post about 23 things I’ve learned in the last 23 years. How many more times can I say 23 haha?! You can click HERE to read that post… here’s to 23 being my best year yet!!

14. I got to sing my song YEG in Jasper, Canda on Canada Day! It was the most insane thing to happen… the other family we were camping with literally just asked the music coordinator if I could sing my song and she said yes!! I didn’t get a great video or even one photo unfortunately… I really think I need to find a more permanent personal photographer in 2018 haha!!

15. I read TONS of amazing books in 2017… 22 in total! I re-found my love of reading this year, which makes me so happy. I also love doing book reviews blog posts, so if that’s something you want to see more of from me in 2018 please let me know! If you need a few new reads to start your new year, HERE are 3 I really recommend!

16. I completed half of Vlogmas… now this isn’t really a highlight since I wanted to (obviously) complete all 12 days of Vlogmas but I wanted to share my love of Christmas with you guys, and I think half of Vlogmas is better than no Vlogmas!! I put up 6 posts and you can read them all HERE if you haven’t yet!

17. I finally got Rose Gold Minnie Ears!! This is such a random highlight but it has two reasons it’s a highlight. The first is that Megan and I searched every single day for them during our trip and couldn’t find them. It didn’t hinder our trip by any means, but I think we both were really hoping to get lucky and find some! They restocked about a month after we got home, and I ended up snagging two pairs from a shop online, and I gave one to Megan as her Christmas present! The look on her face was worth every (American dollar converted) penny and I think it will be so special when I can wear them in a Disney park for the first time! For now, they’re hanging happily in my closet haha!

All in all, 2017 was really a rollercoaster of a year, and I’m not particularly happy OR sad that it’s coming to an end. I know a lot of people found this last year to be a tough one, I found it to be tough in good and bad ways. I grew a lot as a person this year, hit many career milestones, connected with new and old friends, traveled, celebrated many different events and learned to love myself a bit more. I realized how important my mental and physical health is, and learned I shouldn’t be so hard on myself when things don’t go according to plan.

I’d love to know some of your highlights of 2017, you can leave a comment or tweet me! I hope 2017 was good to you, and I can’t wait to share my 2018 word with you in my next post. Have a fun and safe New Year… I’ll talk to you next year!! 🙂