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All Of Your Love SINGLE!

by Claudia

February is the month of love and since I love you guys so much I wanted to release another new single!! I released my song YEG last year but my NEW new song All Of Your Love JUST came out yesterday so you may have already taken a listen to it!

If you have THANK YOU!!

This song is so different than anything I’ve put out before… different vibe, different music genre and it’s a collab! This is just a fun party song, and I would love if you listened/bought/downloaded/shared the new track!

All Of Your Love Single - Claudia Norris

Here are all the music services you can listen to the song, there are actually TWO songs… the original AND a club remix!!

Listen on iTunes/Apple Music

Listen on Spotify

Listen on SoundCloud

I also have a LYRIC VIDEO for AOYL… I am a big fan of lyric videos and I thought for a basic video editor like myself it came out pretty well! Take a look below or on my Youtube channel HERE! I would love if you gave the video a watch because I worked really hard on it haha… but because unless I get more “watch time” on my videos I’m at risk of losing my Youtube Partnership. I don’t like asking for things like this, but I really need your help on this one. Thank you SO much in advance, I love you guys and your constant support!!

I thought I would share quickly how this song even came about… Loudjack sent me a Facebook message asking if I had ever done any type of music collab before and I said no, but that I would love to do one! He sent over the finished track which obviously I loved, and while on a plane I wrote the lyrics. The lady sitting beside me probably thought I was crazy… I know she could hear me listening to the same track over and over and could see me typing and erasing something into my notes app. For all I know she could read what I was writing haha! I send Loudjack the new lyrics and he loved them, so we decided to record the song! I recorded my vocals here in Edmonton, and he and Gamato edited everything together in Switzerland!!!

I know. It’s pretty cool and pretty crazy haha!

We both put a love and heart into this song so it would be amazing if you would give it some love!! You can check out more of Loudjack on Facebook and Instagram! You can also follow me everywhere too if you’re not already!! 🙂

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