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Goodbye April… Hello May 2018 (Highlights & Goals)

by Claudia

Goodbye April... Hello May 2018

I’m probably never going to understand how it feels like I write these posts more often than I should haha!! Busy months go by faster than non-busy ones I guess, but that just means more highlights! But we’ve arrived at the month to see if April showers brought May flowers… Edmonton had snow last week so I’m not sure I’m the best person to comment on that haha!

Anyway, today I’m bringing you my April Highlights/May Goals blog post so let’s get to the good stuff!

Goodbye April… (April Highlights)

  • HIGHLIGHT #1… I STARTED A PODCAST!! Together my mom and I started The Mother Daughter Podcast and it has been such a fun project to start! I am loving the podcasting platform, even if it has been a huge learning curve for me. And I say me because I do the audio side of the podcast and that can sometimes be tricky! I’m thankful for my musical background though because I feel like I’m not going in blind with all the equipment, mics and audio recording software. Our podcast is on the Apple Podcast App, SoundCloud, and you can visit our website HERE! We currently have 4 episodes live and a new episode goes up every Monday!

The Mother Daughter Podcast - Veronica & Claudia Norris

  • My mom and I also put up another Sugarfina Taste Test video (our 3rd one!!) testing fancy candy on my Youtube Channel and you can watch that video HERE! Filming these videos with my mom is always such a highlight for me!

Veronica & Claudia Norris

  • I finally finished some BOOKS which is definitely a highlight since I haven’t been reading much recently.

  • I read two books last month; Caraval by Stephanie Garber and Pretty Mess by Erika Jayne. I loved Caraval and highly recommend it, it is a magical fantasy book that is about a girl and her sister who go participate in this legendary game… people die and come back to life, like I said there is tons of magic involved, and it is just such an interesting story! Such an easy read and I can’t wait for the next book! You can read Caraval on its own and feel like the story is finished, but I’m excited to read the next book to see how the story unfolds further. I had such high hopes for Pretty Mess since I love the Housewives, Erika especially. But I felt that this auto-biography was slow, repetitive and didn’t really give me what I wanted as a reader. I wanted the dirt and grit behind Erkia Jayne but to me it just kind of felt complain-y and boring. It’s also kind of confusing because her first husband was Tommy, her current husband is Tom, and her son is Thomas. Sometimes I had no idea who she was even talking about! Overall it was a let down for me and sadly I wouldn’t recommend it.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber Pretty Mess - Erkia Jayne

  • I put up two TRAVEL blog posts with tips and tons of photos from when I was in Orlando last fall! I split the trip into two posts because there were so many photos but you can read the Walt Disney World post HERE and the Universal Orlando post HERE! This trip is still such a highlight for me and it was fun to re-live such an amazing trip!

Claudia Norris in Magic Kingdom

Me in the Magic Kingdom Park in WDW! (WDW blog post HERE)

Dr. Seuss Land Universal Orlando

Me in front of the Cat in the Hat “Hat” ride in Seuss Landing in Universal Orlando! (Uni blog post HERE)

  • I created and put up a lyric video for my new EP Nashville Songwriting Sessions that is a mashup of all 5 songs on the album! You can watch the video HERE, download the mashup HERE, and download my full EP HERE!

Nashville Songwriting Sessions - Claudia Norris

Hello May! (May Goals)

Before I jump into my May goals I have to let you guys know I’m actually going on a 18 day long trip starting today!! You can follow the whole trip on my Instagram (and specifically my IG Stories!) but I’m heading to my brother’s University graduation in Nova Scotia, then driving his car home with him across the US back to Edmonton! It is going to be such an amazing trip, and I’m going to so many new places! But I decided that to really enjoy my trip and this time with my family I wasn’t going to stress about getting content up while I was gone. There was just too much happening to pre-blog, pre-film etc so for the few weeks I’m gone the only place that will be updated is Instagram. I didn’t want to put up “meh” quality content just so something goes up. I will be back to my usual posting schedule when I get home!

  • ENJOY my trip and take tons of video footage and photos! I really want to put together a travel diary video for this trip, and get familiar with my new Canon camera, so I want to use it as much as possible!
  • Post more outfit photos on Instagram! I bought a few new pieces for spring (you can hear all about my shopping extravaganza on the podcast episode 4) so I want to take some fun outfit pics in said new clothes while in these new places, and not just take pictures of the places I’m in!
  • Read two new books! I’m taking a few amazing sounding books on this trip and with the amount of downtime I’ll have while I travel I think I can finish them both!
  • Get back to a regular posting routine with the blog and my Youtube channel! I want to start making videos more consistently again, so that is a big goal for May!

I also wanted to let you guys know I have a LIVE SHOW coming up in May! If you’re here in Edmonton I’d love to see you there! It is on May 24th at Cafe Blackbird at 6:30 pm. You can find all the info you need HERE!

So that is it for my April Highlights and May goals… let me know in the comments or tweet me @ClaudiaNorris_ letting me know some of your highlights or goals, I’d love to know!!

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