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Goodbye February… Hello March 2018 (Highlights & Goals)

by Claudia

Goodbye February Hello March - Claudia Norris

Okay, it feels like I was just writing this post for Jan/Feb… I know February is the shortest month of the year but it felt extra short for me! If you didn’t read last months post you can catch up HERE, but basically, this is a roundup post of some highlights from the last month, and some goals for the next!

February Highlights 2018 - Claudia Norris

So without further ado, let’s jump into some highlights and faves from February!

Goodbye February… 

  • My songs YEG AND Shine were played on another radio station here in Edmonton!! YEG has been played now on KiSS 91.7 AND 102.3 NOW Radio, and Shine was played on 102.3 NOW Radio! They were both requested by you guys during the NOW Takeover which plays from 12-1pm Monday-Friday. Shine was actually the Takeover closer on Anti-Bullying Day or Pink Shirt Day (February 28) and I’m so thrilled that it was played on such an important day since Shine is all about loving who you are! Click HERE to see what the hosts had to say about my song!! *P.S. you can request ANY of my songs ANY time on ANY station!! I would be so grateful if you did!! 🙂


  • This YEG artist released NEW MUSIC!! I always love putting out new songs, and this one was definitely a different musical vibe from my usual songs. It’s called “All Of Your Love” and it’s a song I wrote the lyrics for and sang on with Swiss DJ’s LOUDJACK and Gamato. It’s got an EDM/House vibe and is a really fun song. You can listen to it on iTunes/Apple Music HERE and watch the lyric video for it HERE! Let me know in the comments what you think about it if you’ve listened to it! 🙂

All Of Your Love Single - Claudia Norris

  • Your girl was featured in an ONLINE MAGAZINE!!! WHAAAAT?! I was beyond thrilled to be included in the list of 32 Edmonton Girls Who Are Absolutely Killing it on Instagram Right Now. I had no idea I was featured until you guys let me know! So if you’re one of my friends, family, or fans that sent me the link thank you! It was such a career highlight, and hello to all my new followers who found me through Narcity! You can read the article HERE!

32 Edmonton Girls Who Are Killing It On Instagram right Now

  • I put up a *late* Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial honestly only because you wanted to see it! I asked on IG Stories if you wanted to see the late V-Day tutorial/testing out new makeup products/Claudia kind of failing at being a MUA haha and it was a major YUP! You seemed to love the video and a bunch of you told me it made you laugh, and that’s always my goal with my content! If you’re happy, I’m happy. You can watch the vid HERE! This was the finished look I came up with:

Easy Pretty Makeup Tutorial

  • I spent a fair amount of time doing social media behind-the-scenes stuff in Feb, but one of my favorite things I did was make IG Highlight covers! I know this sounds so lame, but I think they make my IG page look so cute, and I’m really proud of how they turned out since I am not a graphic designer. Also if you’re not already following me on IG come join me @claudianorris_! I love those little squares, and I love connecting with you guys on that platform.

Claudia Norris on Instagram

This is the blog example what the full IG highlight cover looks like…

Claudia Norris Instagram

Hello March! (March Goals)

  • I have a HUGE project coming out on MARCH 16, 2018!! Mark your calendars because if you’re a fan of my music you’ll be excited about this!! *wink* I have been working on it for so long, and I can’t wait for you guys to finally hear see it!
  • Read three books. I didn’t read any books in February, and I’m not really sure why but I just found myself not wanting to read. I don’t know if I need to stroll through Chapters and get a new book or two to re-find my love of reading, but I definitely want to get back into the habit of reading a few chapters before bed.
  • Refresh my website and all social media. With this new project coming out I really want to update all of my accounts! I haven’t changed my profile picture/banners etc. since Vlogmas so I think everything needs a bit of an update!
  • Reorganize and declutter my makeup stash. It has been on my list for months now to go through my makeup brushes, and I thought I should start there and go through everything else. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the makeup I have, so I think it’s time to go through it and figure out what I actually need. That goes for my nail polish too… the other night I opened up one of my fave glitter nail polishes that I wanted to use and it COMPLETELYETLY dried up. RIP. 🙁 But I’m pretty sure that means it’s time to do a stash declutter haha.

March Goals 2018 - Claudia Norris

So those are some highlights from February which was a super exciting month and some goals for March which should also be another exciting month!! Let me know in the comments or tweet me @ClaudiaNorris_ what some of your highs of 2018 have been, or some goals you’re setting for the upcoming month! I’d love to know!

Claudia Norris Blog Signature

  • I love reading your recap & goals! I need to make a habit of reading a bit each night before bed too. I was doing really well with it in January but slacked off in February.

    • Awe thank you so much Janine, I’m so thrilled you’ve been reading them! 🙂

      I totally slacked in Feb with my reading… but I’m slowly getting back into it. Any good books you’d recommend??