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Goodbye January… Hello February (2018)

by Claudia

If you’ve been following me for a few years (since like, 2014!) you may remember that I used to do these types of posts ALL the time!! They were some of my favorite to write since I am a list person and I love a good recap!

January Faves Blog Post

Basically, these posts were to say goodbye to the previous month, and hello to the new one. Hense the title haha! One of my goals this year was to start this blog series back up and give you (and myself!) a run-down of how the last month went, sharing highlights, things I’ve been loving, doing, and also share some goals for the next month. I was hoping to get this up on the first, but that was the day my new single came out!! If you haven’t heard it yet you can listen HERE!

Goodbye January…

  • I revealed my 2018 word… Enjoy! I really wanted to enjoy more this year. I’ve had some “big” words in the last few years… magic, spark, fearless, so this year I wanted a word that was a bit calmer. You can read my full blog post on my word and why I chose it HERE!
  • I read Andi Dorfman’s new book Single State of Mind and LOVED it!! I’ve been a fan of Andi since she was part of the Bachelor franchise, so of course, I read her first book It’s Not Okay when she released it a few years ago. I love any “behind-the-scenes” books, shows etc. so I really liked reading that glimpse into her life. But I think I loved her new book more… it’s so funny, an easy read, and you get to live your New York City girl dreams through her! If you’re a reality TV fan, ever dreamed about moving to NYC or like memoir style books, definitely add this to your reading list!!
  • Finally, I got my Disneyworld Travel Diary Video up! Megan and I went back in October (time is seriously flyin’!) and I was really hoping to get a video up much sooner than January. But Meg and I got a chance to sit down and look at all the footage we took together, and I was able to edit my highlights from that trip into my favorite travel diary video I’ve ever done! I would love if you gave it a watch HERE and subscribed to my Youtube channel while you’re there!
  • Planning has always been a love of mine, and one that I’ve been wanting to share with you guys more! I’ve been filming some of my planner spreads… ironically I put up a plan with me for the week of Jan. 29 – Feb.4 which is fitting for this post! At least in my mind, it is haha… you can watch my PWM HERE and decide for yourself…
  • In my mind January = organization. Sometimes that long list can be so overwhelming, so I shared a blog post with 5 Quick & Easy Things to Organize and most of them take under 10 minutes but make you feel like you have your sh*t together haha!!
  •  my Mom hit the nail on the head with her new post talking all about pacing yourself and how it’s okay to not have everything done by 12:01 on January 1. You can give that post a read HERE!

Hello February… (Feb Goals)

  • Get to bed earlier and start my day earlier. This one is SO hard for me… I am totally a night owl and can be found wide awake most nights between the hours of 12-4am. I find I’m most creative at this time too, so sometimes you’ve gotta let the creative juices flow… but it makes it really hard to have a “normal” and productive day when you’re waking up at 11 am!
  • Get back into a good gym routine. I really love working out, and I was going to the gym about 5 times a week before I went on my Disney trip in October. When I came home we moved back into our house, and then before Christmas, I had foot surgery. I was just cleared by my Doc to start working out again, so getting back into that routine is something I’m really looking forward to!
  • Finish decorating my room, and share a room tour! I know, I know, we moved in in November… my room should 100% be finished!! But in my defense I had surgery right after we moved in, and then it was Christmas and then January just like flew by so… my room is top priority haha!
  • Finish cleaning out my closet! This again was supposed to happen in January, but I just never got around to completely organizing my closet. I really want to go through all of my clothes and make sure I love everything I own.
  • Finalize all the little pieces for a HUGE surprise coming next month… I can’t wait to share it with you!! Make sure you’re following me everywhere so you’re the first to find out what it is!!!

February Goals - Claudia Norris

Did you guys miss these types of posts as much as I did?! What are some of your goals for February? Let me know in a comment or tweet!!

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  • Love this type of post! Looking forward to what February brings!

    • Thanks so much Janine! I hope you’re having a great February so far… I can’t believe it’s already the 22!!

  • Brianna Higdon

    I really want to read Andi’s book!
    Brianna |

    • You totally should Brianna!! Both her books are great especially if you’re a Bachelor fan but her newest book was my favorite of the two! 🙂