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Goodbye July… Hello August 2018 (Highlights & Goals)

by Claudia

July Highlights & August Goals 2018 - Claudia Norris

Okay, someone has time-warped us or something because it can’t already be August, can it?! I feel like this summer is flying by and TBH I’ve gotten like nothing done from my Summer Bucket List. Is your summer flying by?! I know some of you must be going back to school soon, so I’d love to know from you if you’d like to see any back to school videos from me! You can leave me a comment on this post!


  • I am extra excited about my August free wallpaper downloads because this is the first month that I have designed ALL parts of it! I drew the flowers, scripted “August” and wrote the numbers and letters! Plus it’s my moms birthday month and she loves sunflowers so that’s what I was inspired by! You can download them HERE!

August 2018 Floral Sunflower Calendar FREE Download

  • I played another show at the Bru Coffee House here in YEG, and had such a great time! I sang a totally new set list and I really enjoyed sharing some new songs.

Claudia Norris Singing

  • My magic merch Instagram Second Star to the Right Co. is up and running and am so excited to open up the shop later this month!! P.S. this design will be available as a glitter shirt and a foil print!

Second Star to the Right Co.


  • Open up my magic merch shop Second Star to the Right Co.! The shop opening date is August 16!
  • Finalize all the blog posts and all parts of The Mother Daughter Podcast website!
  • Get back to uploading regular Youtube videos on my channel… I haven’t posted in months and I feel like it’s high time for a new video!
  • Finish the Crazy Rich Asians book before the movie comes out this month, I can’t wait to see it since I’m really loving the book!
  • Post blog posts once a week again, I was so bad last month, I barely shared any new posts. Blogging is one of my favorite ways to share content so I really want to get back to that!

As always let me know what your goals for this month are! I’d love to chat about what we all want to accomplish before the fall!

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