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Goodbye June… Hello July 2018 (Highlights & Goals)

by Claudia

Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Refresher

I am honestly *shook* that is is already the second week of July! Please tell me I’m not the only one!! I’m behind (again, omg Claudia get it together) so let’s just jump right into it, y’all know the drill by now! Oh also, the drink in the pic above is the Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Refresher and it is DELISH!! Defs my new fave summer drink!


  • Once again I put up monthly FREE wallpaper downloads! I’m having so much fun making these and you guys are really enjoying them! YAY! You can click HERE to download them for your phone or computer if you haven’t yet! There is one with a calendar and one without, so an option for everyone.

July 2018 FREE Wallpaper Downloads - Claudia Norris

  • I shared a post about 10 fun things I want to do this summer! I don’t love summer, so I feel like this is a fun way to make myself more excited about the season. You can check out my 10 fun summer ideas HERE!

10 Fun Things To Do This Summer 2018 - Claudia Norris Blog

  • Speaking of summer, my mom and I just put out a new podcast talking all about summer! Our loves, hates, fave foods, some fun summer stories… click HERE to give it a listen on any platform if you haven’t yet! And make sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes HERE so you never miss an episode! 🙂

The Mother Daughter Podcast - Yay It's Summer Episode

  • I finally took my camera out with me on a little explore of my city! I took some really fun photos, but the one below is definitely my fave. Let me know in the comments if you’d want to see a blog post about Edmonton!

Downtown Edmonton


  • Getting website updated! I’m trying to do all the install/upload/editing myself so wish me luck!
  • Hit up a carnival! There is one this week in Calgary, Canada called Calgary Stampede that I haven’t been to since I was little! We also have K-Days here in Edmonton, which is a little later in the month. The mini donuts are calling me…
  • Get my Disney inspired Instagram page up and running again! I started it last year, and am finally ready to commit to it! If you didn’t know I’m a huge Disney fan, so if you’re one too definitely follow my Instagram HERE!

As always let me know what your goals for this month are! I’d love to chat and keep each other motivated in the comments!

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