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January 2019 iPhone + Desktop FREE Wallpapers

by Claudia

January 2019 FREE New Years Eve Wallpaper


I am beyond in love with this month’s FREE phone and computer wallpaper downloads! I really wanted to play up the “new year, new me” vibe and draw some NYE icons like fireworks, champagne, and a clock, all with a fun cartoon look! 2019 is TOMORROW and I’m really excited for a fresh start, and fresh wallpapers!

If you’re new here, hello! But also I release FREE desktop, phone, and tablet wallpapers every month with and without a calendar, that has a fun theme. I hand draw all my wallpapers, and try and play off the months “theme” like New Years for January, hearts for February, etc. Personally, I am someone who loves calendars everywhere and anywhere I can get them so all my devices have the calendar version. I started releasing my free wallpapers summer of 2018 and I am continuing them in 2019! I find this such a fun, creative outlet and you guys seem to really enjoy my designs, so thank you!!

The desktop version is a .zip file, while the phone versions are .jpeg files since some phones were having issues downloading the .zip files. Please let me know if you have any issues downloading them, and feel free to let me know what you’d like to see this year! This month there is only one desktop wallpaper since the calendar just happens to be apart of the design!


January 2019 FREE Computer Wallpaper WITH Calendar

January 2019 FREE Computer Wallpaper WITH Calendar


January 2019 FREE Phone Wallpaper WITH Calendar

January 2019 NYE Wallpaper WITH Calendar (Phone)

January 2019 FREE Phone Wallpaper WITHOUT Calendar

January 2019 NYE Wallpaper WITHOUT Calendar (Phone)

I hope you love Januarys fun, cartoon, new years theme, and don’t forget… I’d love to see any pictures of you using my downloads so please tag me on insta!! Also if these aren’t your jam make sure to check out last years wallpapers. They all have a calendar-less version and most are great for any month of the year!

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