Claudia Norris

12 Days Of Vlogmas 2017!!

by Claudia

Hello and Happy December 1!!

I’m so excited that it’s finally December because I am a little a lot Christmas obsessed!! I love everything Christmas… the lights, decorations, food, music, time with family, thoughtful gifts and being cozy and festive! With the craziness of this last year (if you follow me on Instagram you know what I’m talking about!) I am ready to just relax and unwind…

BUT I have done a version of Vlogmas/Blogmas for the last FOUR years, so in the Christmas spirit, I have to keep the tradition alive! So welcome to…

The 12 Days Of Vlogmas 2017!! 

What this means is that I will be posting content every other day in December! Now I know that’s not as intense as the full 24 Days of Blogmas (which I have done!) but I really want to get back into creating content for you guys and not overwhelm myself. Like I said above November was an insanely crazy month for me, and I’d rather get up good quality posts every other day than less than stellar posts every day.

So for the first post I thought it would be fun to share with you all the posts and videos from Vlogmas past… some of my older Vlogmas videos are some of my most popular on my Youtube Channel, and some are just my favorite! Plus I never repeat content, so this is another good way to see some of my previous holiday content you may not have seen, and maybe get some inspiration!

Vlogmas 2016

In 2016 I was living in our temporary house, so I was only able to get 6 videos up last year. You can click HERE to see all the 2016 blog posts, or you can click HERE to see the Youtube playlist from last year! Obviously all of last years haul’s feature products that aren’t being sold anymore, but the other videos are definitely still relevant!!

  1. MAC Cosmetics Holiday Haul
  2. Christmas Carol Challange with Megan (RainCoatesBeauty) *my FAVE video from last year!*
  3. Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Haul
  4. Christmas Decor Inspo *this post has some awesome decor ideas!*
  5. Christmas Week Plan With Me *Firefly Paper Shop is still one of my fave sticker shops on Etsy… I may or may not have another PWM coming this year…!*
  6. Lush Christmas Haul

Vlogmas 2015

2015 was the first year I did 12 Days Of Vlogmas and I had so much fun creating content that year! It was the first year I had my little studio in the basement (it no longer exists, but you can see a studio tour here) so I had tons of room to create and work. You can see the Youtube playlist for 2015 HERE, or the blog posts HERE.

  1. Vlogmas 2015 Intro
  2. Christmas Decor Inspo *different than last years decor video!*
  3. I’ll Be Home For a White Christmas – Christmas Carol Mashup
  4. Christmas Nail Art Tutorial *still such a cute mani IMO!*
  5. 5 Favorite Festive Beauty Products *these are all still relevant and available haha!*
  6. Christmas Baking *these treats are SO yummy and still perf for the holidays!*
  7. Christmas Decor DIY’s *the deer plaque DIY is still hanging in my room, and the trees get put out in our house every year!*
  8. Christmas Makeup Haul *not gonna lie… I have no idea if any of these products are still available LOL*
  9. Christmas Flashback Friday *cough*
  10. Holiday Makeup Tutorial *still a great holiday party look!*
  11. Silent Night Christmas Carol Cover
  12. Vlogmas Recap & Giveaway *don’t worry, there is always a giveaway during my Vlogmas!*

Christmas With Claudia 2013 & 2014

Before Vlogmas I was doing Christmas with Claudia… mostly because I thought it sounded cute, but also because Vlogmas back then was only for Youtubers or bloggers who were daily vlogging/blogging every day in December, which I was not doing haha! You can click HERE to see the Christmas with Claudia Youtube playlist or HERE for the blog post!

Christmas Carols I Covered in 2014:

Hopefully, this got you in the Vlogmas spirit, and I hope you’re just as excited as I am for my upcoming posts! If there is anything you’d like to see from me in December, please leave me a comment or tweet me… I’d love to know!! Don’t forget to follow me on social media so you don’t miss any posts! 🙂