Claudia Norris

Magic 2017

by Claudia

Happy New Year!

can not believe it’s 2017 already… I feel like the years are flying by faster and faster! If you’ve been following me for a while you know that every year instead of making resolutions, I pick a word to help shape my year. My word for 2016 was Spark and 2016 was a definitely a more challenging year for me, but I do think my word helped keep me grounded, steady and focused. I know I sparked a new strength in myself and had a lot of growth over the last year. Hopefully my content from the past 12 months has sparked you in some way, and you can read all the goals I had relating to my word Spark here! Normally I’m sad to say goodbye to my word, but this year I’m actually okay with letting it go. My past words never really leave me, and they still pop up in my life here and there (especially at times when they’re needed) but I’m ready to let 2016 and Spark go and start a fresh year with some…

Magic 2017 - Claudia Norris

For 2017 my word is… MAGIC! Often times my word “picks” me… that was the case this year. I saw magic come up over and over again in my daily life leading up to 2017 and it just felt right. It is a word that makes me feel happy and sparks (hehe) something in me. I feel like magic makes me feel excited and inspired, which is what I feel need more of right now! I have some very personal goals for this upcoming year and I feel like they could all use a little magic. I like this word too because it feels like I have some help from something bigger than myself, without it being specific to religion or spirituality. I also just really love Harry Potter and wish I had gotten my Hogwarts letter all those years ago…

Anyway, I just feel like I could use a little magic in both my personal and professional life this year! It also is just such a happy word, and I really love that it makes me feel happy. It will be something I repeat to myself when I’m feeling uninspired or sad, and I think it will be a word that will really help me reach my goals. Speaking of, here are my top three goals for 2017:

1. Release new music! I have 3 new singles that I hope to release very very soon! They’re some of my favorite songs I’ve ever recorded too…!

2. Hit 20,000 subscribers on Youtube! I can only do this with your help, so if you’re not subscribed, I would love if you subscribed to my channel here!

– Blog more frequently! I really enjoy taking photos and writing about topics I’m passionate about, and I want to take the pressure off myself that every blog post has to have a video to accompany it. This does NOT mean I’m stopping my videos (far from it haha!), I just want to add more individual blog posts here too!

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl

What do you do when the new year rolls in? Do you pick a word like I do, or do you make resolutions? I’d love to know, so leave me a comment or tweet me so we can chat! Here is to the BEST year yet… hello magic 2017, I’m ready for ya!


Claudia ♥︎

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