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My New Single ‘YEG’!!

by Claudia

Happy Monday!

Today’s post is a little different than normal. If you follow me on any other social platforms you’ve probably already heard the exciting news but… I’M RELEASING A NEW SINGLE!! I haven’t released new music in a hot second, so I’m really excited about this new single. It’s called “YEG” and it’s a song about the city I live in, Edmonton! I want to tell you how this song came to be and some of the details about it, it’s going to be an exciting week!

My song “YEG” will be released exclusively on KiSS 91.7 FM here in Edmonton during the Mike & Helena show on WEDNESDAY JUNE 28, 2017! Their show runs from 3-7pm and they’re going to play my song every hour on the hour! If you don’t live in Edmonton, you can still listen to KiSS on the free KiSS app or 0n the KiSS website HERE. I’ll be live in the studio with them on Thursday June 29, and I’ll post more details on my Instagram & Facebook as it gets closer.

This single will be available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and most other music services on Wednesday June 28th. Let me know in the comments which platform you’ll be listing to it on! I’ll chose a few people from the comments to win a signed CD of my new single “YEG”!! 🙂

OKAY, this is the most random way a song of mine has ever come to be… it all started with my brother! He drives home from work during the #MikeandHelena show on KiSS and heard that they were looking for a singer/songwriter to write a song about our city. He came home and asked me if I could write a song about Edmonton, and about 10 minutes later I told my family to come to my room to hear it! They all loved it, so I sent it in to Mike and Helena. Turns out they loved it too, so I went into the studio to record it!!

When I record here in Edmonton I always record at Resonate Music School & Studio, and this song was no exception. Over a few sessions this month, my producer Justin “Dunna” McDonough and I got the song radio ready. I honestly love being in the studio, it’s one of my favorite parts of this job!

During the month while I was recording, I’ve been sending updates to Mike & Helena, and talking to them on the air! I put all the interview clips into one YouTube video for you in case you missed them. Sorry about the shaky video… I was only a bit nervous/excited while filming them haha!

Interview Time Stamps (incase you want to jump around!)

0:12 – May 31, 2017 (Interview #1)

3:07 – June 1, 2017 (Interview #2)

5:25 – June 12, 2017 (Interview #3)

8:12 – June 19, 2017  (Interview #4)

11:03 – June 20, 2017  (Interview #5)

That’s all the info I have for you today on my new single! Make sure you’re following me everywhere so you don’t miss any updates. As always if you have any questions feel free to tweet me or leave a comment. In the meantime, head over to iTunes or Spotify to listen to my other songs while you wait for this new one to drop on Wednesday! 🙂

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