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Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Refresher

Goodbye June… Hello July 2018 (Highlights & Goals)

by Claudia

I am honestly *shook* that is is already the second week of July! Please tell me I’m not the only one!! I’m behind (again, omg Claudia get it together) so let’s just jump right into it, y’all know the drill by now! Oh also, the drink in the pic above is the Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit […]

July 2018 FREE Wallpaper Downloads - Claudia Norris

July 2018 iPhone + iPad + Desktop FREE Downloads | Claudia Norris

by Claudia

Happy almost July! The beginning of a new month means new free July downloads!! Last month I released my first ever set of free calendar wallpaper downloads. If you didn’t see them yet, you can check them out here! June’s theme was cacti, which I thought was so so cute. I had a few versions […]

Pink Balloons

10 Fun Things To Do This Summer (Summer Bucket List!)

by Claudia

Happy Summer!! June 21 was the first official day of summer which means the season for ice cream, sunscreen, late nights and festivals is here! TBH I’m not the biggest summer fan, so I thought I’d make myself a bucket list of 10 fun things to do this summer. And of course, I had to share […]

goodbye may hello june claudia norris

Goodbye May… Hello June 2018 (Highlights & Goals)

by Claudia

If you know me, then you defs know I am a person that likes to be on time, is very organized and *slightly* type A so I’m quite upset at myself that my Goodbye May, Hello June 2018 post is going up on June 13!! 🙁 Preferably, I like these posts to go up between the […]


June iPhone + iPad + Desktop Wallpaper (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

by Claudia

SURPRISE!! If you follow me on Instagram then you may have already seen this, but I’m sharing my new creative June 2018 project with you today! I’ve been loving using procreate on my iPad to make wallpapers for myself and I thought why not share them with you?! FOR FREE! Oh yeah, friends!! Today I’m sharing three different […]

Goodbye April... Hello May 2018

Goodbye April… Hello May 2018 (Highlights & Goals)

by Claudia

I’m probably never going to understand how it feels like I write these posts more often than I should haha!! Busy months go by faster than non-busy ones I guess, but that just means more highlights! But we’ve arrived at the month to see if April showers brought May flowers… Edmonton had snow last week […]

Universal Orlando Ball

Universal Orlando Trip Recap

by Claudia

Part 2 of my mini travel blog series is here… my Universal Orlando Trip Recap! I put up my Disney World Trip Recap post on Friday… you can read it HERE! But if you’re not caught up basically, Megan and I went on a trip in October 2017 to Orlando! It was one of the funnest (I […]

Disney world trip - Claudia Norris

Walt Disney World Trip Recap

by Claudia

It’s finally here… my Disney World Trip Recap blog post!! I have wanted to write this post now for months and I have NO idea why I’ve put it off for so long! My best friend Megan and I went to Walt Disney World back in October of 2017 which was during Halloween. So in some […]

The Mother Daughter Podcast - Veronica & Claudia Norris

The Mother Daughter Podcast!!

by Claudia

SURPRISE!!! You guys already know I like to talk and sing, and blog and just, in general, do things with words. So I thought why not start a PODCAST?! I’m an avid listener of podcasts and so is my mom, and we spend a lot of time together SO we decided to start a podcast together […]

Sugarfina Haul - Claudia Norris

Sugarfina Taste Test & Haul #3

by Claudia

They always say third time’s the charm… so me and mama Vray are back at it with our third Sugarfina Taste Test and Haul! I love doing these videos… who wouldn’t want to try fancy candy with their mom?! Sugarfina Candy In this video, we sampled six different types of Sugarfina candy… Fuji Apple Caramels (USA) Cowboy […]