Claudia Norris

Spark 2016!

by Claudia


I’m still a bit in shock that 2016 is here, but I’m so excited that is it, and I’m so excited for todays post!! If you’ve been following me for a few years now, you know that I pick a word each year, instead of making New Year’s resolutions! I like to have a word that I can base my goals around, and keep connecting to throughout the year. I find it helps me with all parts of my life that I want to succeed/change, and it gives me motivation. 2015 my word was ‘Inspire‘ and this year my word is… SPARK!

OLW 2016 - Claudia Norris

The first reason I picked this word is because I really like the way it sounds. I know that might sound strange, but something was sparked (pun intended) in me when I heard it! I like the idea that a spark is so hard to get, but once it you have it, a fire is lit. I love the strength I feel it has, and I want to put spark ___ (list below) in you! I also liked that ‘Inspire’ and ‘Spark’ feel similar and connected.

I want to SPARK:

Happiness – I hope my content and music makes you happy!

Confidence – My message is all about feeling confident with who you are and in your own skin, and if you’re not there yet, I hope to help you get there… soon!

Positivity – A positive person is a happy person! I think everyone can struggle with negativity, but I hope you’re sparked with positive vibes when you see my content!

Love – Self love, love with others, love of life, I love love, and I want you to, too!

Creativity – I love being creative through my songs, my videos, and my Instagram photos! I hope I can spark creativity through my content.

Excitement – I get excited about a lot of things, and I hope I can spark excitement in you… even if it’s just the little things!

Change – Everyone has something they would like to change, drink more water, develop a better skin care routine, and I hope to spark change in you through my declutter series, and organization tips!

Inspiration – Bringin’ back 2015 for a second… I want to spark inspiration! I want to inspire you to achieve your goals,

Dreams – Everyone has them, big or small and I want to spark a new one in you this year! Let’s achieve our goals and dreams together!

I always pick my favorite quote that sums up my word, and this year it is by Dante Alighieri:

“From a little spark may burst a flame, a mighty flame followeth a tiny spark.”

You can also watch my Highlights of 2015 video HERE because I go into an explanation of my word! Let me know in a tweet @ClaudiaaNorris or comment below what your resolution is, I’d love to know!


Claudia ♥︎