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Sugarfina Taste Test & Haul #3

by Claudia

Sugarfina Taste Test - Claudia Norris

They always say third time’s the charm… so me and mama Vray are back at it with our third Sugarfina Taste Test and Haul! I love doing these videos… who wouldn’t want to try fancy candy with their mom?!

Sugarfina Candy

In this video, we sampled six different types of Sugarfina candy…

Watch the video below or on YouTube to see our thoughts on these candies and whether we would eat them again or not! Spoiler alert some of them are amazing and some of them are really bad… let me know in the comments or tweet me @claudianorris_ letting me know if you’ve had any of these candies and what you think about them!!

If you want more Sugarfina taste tests with my mom… 

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Sugarfina Haul - Claudia Norris

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Happy snacking and podcast listening!! There will be another podcast episode up TOMORROW and I’ll talk to you in a new blog post on Wednesday!! Happy Sunday Funday! 🙂

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