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The Mother Daughter Podcast!!

by Claudia

The Mother Daughter Podcast - Veronica & Claudia Norris

SURPRISE!!! You guys already know I like to talk and sing, and blog and just, in general, do things with words. So I thought why not start a PODCAST?! I’m an avid listener of podcasts and so is my mom, and we spend a lot of time together SO we decided to start a podcast together called “The Mother Daughter Podcast”!!

A little more detail…

I could not be more excited about this new project!! This has been in the works for about a year now, so I’m thrilled to be finally telling you about it! Basically, our podcast is our mother daughter take on the world where we talk about anything and everything. Including but not limited to the mother daughter relationship, reality TV, recipes/food, books, movies, travel & Disney, decor. TBH the list would definitely be shorter if I listed what we hate haha!! We call ourselves “Renaissance Women” though I like “Renaissance Bitches” better.

So if you’re a mother, a daughter or both; if you’re wondering what a Renaissance Bitch is; if you share any of our passions or love podcasts this one is for you! We will have a new episode up every Monday, and you can subscribe on iTunes HERE or SoundCloud HERE to be notified whenever a new show goes up!

We also have InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest and of course where you can follow us to keep up with our mother daughter antics!

The Mother Daughter Podcast Episode 1

The Mother Daughter Podcast Episode 2

We’re already a few episodes in, naturally, episode 1 was an intro podcast, where we talked about who we are, what we’re doing and what our podcast is/will be about. Episode 2 was our “Yay it’s Spring!” episode where we discussed all things spring! Faves, fruits, the weather, the Easter Bunny… IMO it’s a good one!

I’ve linked the intro episode below!

I would be so thrilled if you went and listened to our new podcast, and left us a review and 5 stars on iTunes… it would help a ton and mean so much to us!! Let me know in the comments or tweet me @claudianorris_ telling me your thoughts on podcasts… especially my new one, I’d love to know!!

P.S. I did talk about the new podcast in my last blog post… if you haven’t read that yet click HERE!

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