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Top 10 MAC Lipsticks!

by Claudia

Hey there!

I’m really excited to be sharing the first post in a new mini series I will be doing this month! I’ve been obsessed with MAC Cosmetics for as long as I can remember… I got my first “haul” in 2007. I love the company so much I worked there for 10 months. MAC Lipsticks are literally a cult product, and I think I had more people ask me about lipsticks over anything else. So today I wanted to share my top 10 favorite MAC lipsticks!



In no particular order (except Creme Cup. Creme Cup is bae and #1 and perfection. The best lipstick MAC sells. In my opinion…)

1. Creme Cup – Like I said… the most perfect color in the whole world, my favorite lippie in my collection. It’s the best “your lips but better” color, a light, soft, salmony, baby pink, nude. It’s a cremesheen formula which makes it super moisturizing, comfortable to wear, and a little bit glossy. You don’t need a lip liner with this guy, and when it starts to wear off it wears off evenly, so it’s not noticeable. It works with everything, and on everyone… it’s the best lipstick. Ever.

2. Faux – A pretty muted mauve, beige, pink thats probably the best “Kylie Jenner” lip I’ve found. It’s a satin finish which is one step under a matte, making it super pigmented, long wearing, and has more moisture in it than a matte. This lipstick is beautiful on its own, but also looks great over a lip-liner.

3. Chatterbox – I think this is one of MAC’s most underrated lipsticks! It’s a gorgeous poppy, coral, yet natural toned bright pink. I know that’s a bit of a description, but it’s a pretty unique color. This one totally falls under the “your lips but better” category, giving them a bit more of a brighter-pink “flush” look. It pairs really well with a bolder eye, but also looks great with lighter makeup too! It’s an amplified finish so you’re going to get great color payoff, lots of moisture, and a about 4-7 hours of wear with no touch ups.

4. Flamingo – One of the most unique colors  MAC sells, it’s a cool toned, bright orange coral, with a hint of a salmon undertone. Because it’s a lustre you don’t get tons of color payoff, but with this guy you don’t need it. I love the lustre formula because it’s practically one step up from chapstick. It’s the finish that offers the most moisture you can get from a MAC lippie, and has a super glossy, shiny finish. It’s such a pretty summer color, and a color you probably can’t find a dupe for in your collection!

5. Dodgy Girl – This was a limited edition color BUT it is the exact same color as Up The Amp which I don’t have because I bought this purple from the Kelly & Sharon Collection that came out last summer! Dodgy Girl is a matte, while Up The Amp is an amplified. Dodgy Girl is a beautiful blue based bright mid-toned, violet purple, and it’s honestly just so fun but still really wearable! Since my version of this color is a matte, it’s very pigmented and long wearing, like any matte. I’ve been loving this color for summer, and if you have Up The Amp or are planning to buy it, pop it on, put a tissue over your lips and dust over the tissue with translucent powder to get rid of the shine Up The Amp will have. Voila! Matte bright mid-toned purple! 🙂 (I’ve linked Up The Amp if you’re interested in this one!)

6. Candy Yum-Yum – Bright, blue-based, neon, hot pink. There really isn’t much to say about this guy except it’s basically Barbie in a tube. It was a limited edition lippie but was so popular MAC brought it back permanently! It’s a matte so you know the drill… bright, pigmented and super long wearing. Every girl needs this color in her collection.

7. Craving – Another lipstick I feel people don’t know about! Anytime I showed this one to someone, they fell in love, and for good reason! It’s a stunning brown based, light brick red/deep pink color, and the perfect transition color from a light, neutral, lip into the darker, more dramatic lip. It’s one of my favorite fall colors, and looks amazing on all skin tones. It is an amplified, so you’re getting great color payoff with high moisture. It transitions really nicely from day to night… across the board it’s in the middle of the lipstick spectrum, such an awesome color!

8. Party Line – My favorite red lipstick that MAC sells… ruby who? It’s the perfect blue-based, semi-dark red and has the best tone I’ve found in a red. It’s an amplified so again you get great color payoff, tons of moisture (which is SO important with red lips!) and it boasts a pretty long wear time. It also makes my teeth look super white! It’s one step closer to a true “vampy” lip and a few shades darker than Craving. Such a great red, you should definitely check it out.

9. Diva – If you haven’t heard of Diva, I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life… it is the cult fave matte, dark, vampy, blue-based red and I would be shocked if you don’t already have it. Serious perfection.

10. Cyber – This is the coolest color you’ll ever find. Okay, well, maybe not but if you’re looking for a dark, vampy, blue-based PURPLE then look no further! It’s a satin, so (incase you forgot) tons of color, super long wear time, and nice moisture you won’t get from a matte. I’m obsessed with this color, it’s a total statement lip on lighter skin tones (like myself) but is seriously a gorgeous “neutral” for darker skin tones. It’s flattering on everyone, and come on, dark PURPLE?! Need I say more?! Ugh… love!


So those are my top 10 favorite MAC lipstick! Let me know what your faves are in a comment below or tweet me @ClaudiaaNorris! 🙂 I’ve linked all the colors so you can check them out. Check back tomorrow because I will be putting up my top 10 all-time favorite MAC products!



  • Rosa Qad

    Hello from France, just discovered your blog and I love it! I’m also a big fan of Mac and surprisingly I didn’t know half of the lipsticks in your list, what a shame 🙂
    Anyway, as I don’t own so many of them, here are my 5 faves: Lady Danger, Rebel, Girl About Town, All Fired Up, Russian Red

    • Claudia Norris

      Hey from Canada! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog! 🙂 There are so many MAC Lipsticks to know about but hopefully I’ve given you a few to check out next time you’re there. I love ALL your picks, ‘Rebel’ is such a good one!