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Top 15 Favorite MAC Eyeshadows!

by Claudia

Happy Wednesday!!

I am so excited to share my 15 favorite eyeshadows with you today! If this is the first post you’re seeing in my MAC series then welcome!! I have already done my top 10 favorite products (overall) and my top 10 favorite lipsticks. MAC Cosmetics is pretty well known for their eyeshadows, and I think they have some of the best and some of the most unique colors of any brand! Their eyeshadows are so pigmented, super easy to blend, and as I said come in a rainbow of colors and multiple finishes. I also love the fact that you can custom build 2, 4, and 15 shadow palettes. If you take good care of your shadows, they can last you for years. As long as they don’t look, smell, or feel (change texture) weird then I think they’re perfectly fine to use. I’ve linked each shadow in the pan/pro-refill form, but most of them come in the regular single pot form too, so you can buy them in which ever form works for you! Let’s jump into my favorite MAC eyeshadows!



1. Forgery – This is a beautiful, sparkly, true silver. It is definitely a more chunky/glittery shadow, but it looks so pretty alone or over top of another shimmery neutral color to add that glitter and sparkle! It is a lustre (which makes it a little more chunky) so I would recommend putting this over a glitter primer or paint pot so the glittery pieces have something to stick to. This is a stunning shadow that will open up the eye, add dimension and look super pretty!

2. Nylon – As you can see Nylon has been used a ton. This was one of the first shadows I bought and one I’m still obsessed with today! It is a beautiful light gold frost finish that has a pretty of sheen to it, but it’s not sparkly like Forgery. This is another great color to layer over a paint pot (I love it over Bare Study) or wear alone. It’s one color I think everyone should have, because it’s flattering on all skin types, and a great go to color!

3. Retrospeck – One of the most unique and greatest colors I have in my collection! Again I’ve hit pan on this color because I love it so much. This is sandy, blond, gold toned lustre, but again it’s not as chunky as Forgery. It definitely has a bigger pieces of glitter and shimmer in it, but it “stays together” really nicely, and applies beautifully. Again this is such a fantastic neutral and I love the shimmer and glitter it has! Another fave to layer over Bare Study, or a deeper gold toned paint pot like Genuine Treasure!

4. Goldmine – This is literally the most perfect, pure gold shadow out there. It is a pure gold tone with shimmer and a hint of glitter. This is another frost, so it’s super pigmented and has that sheen and shimmer. This looks super pretty on brown and green eyes, and is one of the truest gold eyeshadows I’ve found!

5. Naked Lunch – This is a total cult favorite, and for good reason! Naked Lunch is a pretty light pink toned frost, with a beige undertone. I love that it’s a pink neutral, and again it has that pretty sheen and shimmer. A versatile shadow that looks wonderful alone, or incorporated into a dark/deep smokey eye. It’s another very unique shadow with that specific pink/beige tone and shimmery finish, a total must have for your collection!

6. Yogurt – It’s a beautiful soft pale pink matte, so it doesn’t have any glitter, shimmer or sheen to it. It’s a shadow that works great on all eye types, and by that I mean it’s great for a younger eye, or a mature eye. It doesn’t have any glitter, shimmer or sheen to it, and is a great alternative to a white or light neutral/beige and is fun because of it’s pink tone! It doesn’t look chalky which is great, and having that pink tone makes it look more natural, so it’s great for a soft eye look. Mine is unfortunately cracked (I swear I didn’t drop it from that high!) but still works all the same, and is still one of my favorite wearable pinks!

7. Da Bling – Grade 8 Claudia gets very excited when she sees this color! Again, one of my first purchases and a much brighter and darker toned pink than Yogurt. It has a pretty gold pearl/shimmer in it, and is a veluxe pearl finish which means you’re getting a beautiful pink shimmer and sheen with the flecks of gold from the pearl in it. The gold is only noticeable from some angles, but adds a little bit extra to this shadow. Most people don’t like pink eyeshadow, but I think Da Bling has a very wearable color and tone to it, and it gives a fun pop of color on the eye! Plus it’s a bright enough pink that it doesn’t make you look *cough* sick. (As bad as that sounds, it must be said.)

8. Cranberry – A stunning true cranberry color, it’s a red-burgundy with pink shimmer, and frost finish. This is a really fun, pretty alternative to a dark brown in the crease, and looks great with both Yogurt and Da Bling for a pink monochromatic eye! It’s one of my favorite shadows to wear in the fall due to it’s burgundy color, and is so pretty with Nylon. Because it is so pigmented and frosty, it is a statement look, but because of it’s bright tone it looks flattering instead of, well, unflattering.

9. Shale – This is another super unique color that no one really talks about! It’s a light mauve/plum color with a very subtle shimmer, and a satin finish making it semi-opaque… think of satin material, the shadow feels the same way! Very velvety and smooth, and it applies that way too. Purple is another color that can be unflattering, but with the subtle grey/gold shimmer and the mauve tone this shadow is super pretty and unexpected. Another fun change from a light beige neutral.

10. Fig #1 – I have no idea why this is “#1”, to my knowledge MAC has never come out with a Fig #2 or #3 but if they did I would probably be just as obsessed! This is a true eggplant purple color, and it has a unique matte² finish, which means it’s smoother and more pigmented than a normal matte. The perfect color to pair with Shale to create a purple monochromatic eye look, and another nice change from brown! Highly recommend this for all eye colors and skin tones.

11. Satin Taupe – Another cult classic, this is a frosty brown/taupe with a grey/silver shimmer. It is another very unique shadow, and looks beautiful all over the lid or in the crease. I would be surprised if you didn’t already own this, but if you don’t swatch it next time you’re at a MAC counter and see how cool it is in person!

12. Tempting – This is the first shadow I ever bought, and is still one of my most used, favorite shadows in my collection. I think it is such a flattering, true toned chocolate brown, with flecks of gold glitter in it! It’s another lustre but I find it’s very smooth and pigmented, and one of my favorite browns from MAC. It’s my go to for a brown smokey eye, and I love it with Retrospeck!

13. Embark – I love this color for my lids and my brows since mine are super dark! It’s a great shadow for the crease, as a liner or in the brows because it really is a dark, true deep brown and has no shimmer because of it’s matte finish. It does have an undertone of red, but I feel that just intensifies the brown color and is really complimentary to the true tone. This is a great shadow to create a deep, dark brown smokey eye, and pairs beautifully with Nylon and Yogurt!

14. Charcoal Brown – A muted milk chocolate taupe, with a matte finish. Another multi-use shadow, great for the crease to create a lighter smokey eye, smudged in the lash line for a natural eye look, or in the brows for lighter hair shades, and can also be built up to an intense darker brown. A super must have in your collection, a great MAC shadow!

15. Humid – Last but definitely not least, one of my favorite crease/liner shades! It’s a beautiful deep, hunter green with lighter green shimmer and a frost finish. The color pay off of this shadow is so intense, and again it’s a great switch for a brown or black crease color. Green is totally unexpected, but in my opinion a total neutral that makes brown eyes pop! This shadow pairs so well with Nylon, Retrospeck, and Goldmine for a more dramatic look. Another color you have to see in person to truly appreciate, but I promise it will be one of your go to crease colors in no time!!


So those are my 15 favorite MAC eyeshadows!! Do you love any of these shades as much as I do? What are some of your favourites?! I’d love to know, so leave me a comment below or tweet me @ClaudiaaNorris! 🙂


Claudia ♥︎