Claudia Norris

Top 5 Favorite MAC Blushes!

by Claudia


Today I have my 5 favorite MAC blushes for you today! If you’re just joining me, welcome! This is my fourth (and last of this mini-series) MAC Favorites post, I’ve already talked about my 10 overall favorite products, top 10 lipsticks and 15 favorite eyeshadows, and you can read any of those posts by clicking them! Blush is one of the hardest things to shop for, because what works for me and looks good on my skin, may not for you. For reference, I am an NW10 in MAC foundations (if there was NW05 I’d be that!😂) but most of the shades I’ve picked work for many skin tones. This is the one post that I would recommend you swatch the products in store. But I feel I’ve picked a pretty good range, so keep reading to see my list, buy them (if you want) and see swatches!




1. Well Dressed – This is my all time favorite blush, and in my books holds the number 1 spot! This is a beautiful light pink, that can be worn subtly on the skin, or built up to give a really beautiful pink flush. This is the lightest blush in the bunch, but one that’s great for every occasion and most skin tones! It’s a great “starter” blush too, because you really can’t use this one “wrong” or mess it up! (Haha!) This has a satin finish, so you’re going to get a really smooth, velvet like application on the skin.

2. Pinch O’Peach – My second favorite blush from MAC… and I couldn’t find it on the website which really scares me! (😁) I don’t know if that means they’re discontinuing this one, but they BETTER NOT be. (I wouldn’t have added this blush if I knew it wasn’t on the site) Anyway, if you can get your hands on this blush (try!!) you won’t regret it! It’s a pretty pigmented bright pink, that again looks so pretty on the cheeks. This one is not as fool proof as Well Dressed but is still not “scary” by any means! One of my favorite true pinks in my collection!

3. Dollymix – This guy is a sheertone shimmer finish, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like! It’s a sheer blush, so again it’s very easy to use and “fool proof” but it has a pretty shimmer to it, so you look glowy, not glittery! That little bit of shimmer really warms up the face, and is super flattering. Again this is a pretty mid-toned bright pink blush that is great for any occasion!

4. Peachykeen – This is the only orange toned blush in my top 5 (can you tell I like pink blush?!) but it totally deserves its spot here! I love an orange toned blush when you’re wanting a more etherial look, or bronzed feel to your makeup. It is a peach toned orange, so again it sits beautifully on the skin, and on all skin types. This is another sheertone shimmer, so you get a nice wash of color that can be built up for a bolder look, and has that shimmer to it with a peachy, shimmery glow… and in my books that’s good any time of the year!

5. Breath Of Plum – Breath of beautiful is more like it… was that really bad?! This is the darkest blush of the bunch, and is different because it has a purple undertone. I mean look at the name, duh. This guy is very pigmented and dark, so a light hand and light application is key. Because of its deeper, plum tone it looks really pretty (and semi-dramatic) on fair skin tones, and looks stunning on darker skin tones. It’s a fun way to wear a purple tone, without wearing purple. This is just a sheertone blush, so it is a lighter color payoff, but because of it’s dark pigments you still have to be careful.



So those are my top 5 favorite MAC blushes! Do you have a MAC blush you can’t live without?! Leave me a comment and let me know!


Claudia ♥︎