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Universal Orlando Trip Recap

by Claudia

Part 2 of my mini travel blog series is here… my Universal Orlando Trip Recap! I put up my Disney World Trip Recap post on Friday… you can read it HERE! But if you’re not caught up basically, Megan and I went on a trip in October 2017 to Orlando! It was one of the funnest (I think that “funnest” should be a real word #sorrynotsorry) trips I’ve ever been on, and I wanted to share all the pics with you! They did get shared on my Instagram but I wanted to add them to the blog for all you lovely readers!

Universal Orlando

We spent 2 days of our trip at Universal Orlando, and we also attended a Halloween Horror Night Event which was honestly scary AF. Starting with the general photos though because I just seriously love Universal… LA and Orlando. Unlike the extreme difference between Disneyland vs. Disneyworld, there aren’t too many differences between the Universals. My favorite part of Universal Orlando has to be the Harry Potter areas of the park… Hogsmead and Diagon Ally! You honestly feel like you’ve stepped into the books and I wish I could live there… *cries*

Universal Orlando Ball

Rain Coates Beauty and Claudia Norris in Universal Orlando

Hogsmeade Universal Orlando

Butterbeer Harry Potter World

Hogsmead Harry Potter World

Hogwarts Hogsmeade Sign

Hogwarts Castle Universal Orlando

Claudia Norris and Rain Coates Beauty in Harry Potter World

Platform 9 3/4 Harry Potter World

Hogwarts Express Train Universal

Diagon Ally Universal Orlando

Harry Potter World Ice Cream

Dr. Seuss Land Universal Orlando

Rain Coates Beauty and Claudia Norris in Seuss Landing

Dr. Seuss Cookies Universal

Seuss Landing Universal Orlando

Halloween Horror Night (HHN)

If you read my Disneyworld Recap you know that we attended the special Disney Halloween event as well but these two events couldn’t have been more different. HHN was so scary I cried. Like actual tears. Megan was much calmer than I was… I really lost my s#*t. BUT if you’re a Halloween fan (like we are!) and you like to get a lot a little scared then you should definitely plan on attending one of these parties. No one does scary quite like Universal Orlando haha!

Halloween Horror Nights Universal Orlando

Claudia Norris and Rain Coates Beauty Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando Pumpkins

Mel's Drive In Universal Orlando

Those are all the pictures we took while exploring Universal Orlando during Halloween… I’m so happy all these trip pictures finally have a home on the blog!

In case you want to read the Disneyworld trip recap now, click HERE. I also put together a Disneyworld Travel Diary video which you can check out HERE!

You can also check out all of our trip photos on Instagram by searching the hashtag #MandCdoDisney!

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