Claudia Norris


All What’s Rock ‘Shine’ Review

Upcoming pop starlet Claudia Norris is not sure what kind of EP she wants to make on her third effort thus far, Shine.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing as it leads to a varied set of tunes that take some chances and are unafraid of changing up styles throughout.  Most pop artists following the […]

Skope Entertainment ‘Shine’ Review

Canadian singer/songwriter Claudia Norris has been writing her own tunes since the age of 14 and singing since she was a little kid, so she definitely has experience under her belt at this point. Shine is her third EP release in which tips the hat to her influences Hilary Duff, Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson’s […]

No Depression ‘Shine’ Review

Claudia Norris is a much needed reminder of what good the Internet can do for young songwriters. People searching for a creative outlet are now able to pass by the traditional gatekeepers for mass distribution like record companies, film studios, publishers, and deliver their creations directly to a (hopefully) waiting public. It’s hard for Norris, […]

Vents Magazine ‘Shine’ Review

Claudia Norris first broke onto the scene in 2007 when she started uploading her own self-penned and composed songs to Youtube. The videos started gaining popularity and a head of steam which has led the Edmonton (Canada) native to recording three varied EPs across recent years. The latest of these being Shine; an uplifting, upbeat […]

Indie Music Review ‘Shine’ Review

Claudia Norris’ Shine kicks off with a statement of intent; the opener Tonight guaranteed to send its audience hurtling into the nightlife ready to shake it until the dawn. This dance heavy opening sets its sights on an intoxicating beat that is both driving and laid back as it bumps hips with sizzling electric guitars and some slight influences […]

Rock n Roll View ‘Shine’ Review

Canadian born Claudia Norris has steadily carved out a reputation for herself as a blossoming pop singer/songwriter and her latest EP effort, Shine, does a lot to further expand and burnish that renown. Whatever faults individual listeners might have with the performances and material, Norris has consciously positioned herself as a strong DIY alternative to […]

Music Existence ‘Shine’ Review

Shine is a very fine slab of pop/rock from Claudia Norris and she’s just a few rungs down the ladder from climbing up into the world pop stardom. Admirably, Norris writes, produces, performs and sings her own material with very little help and while she could benefit from a bigger studio budget and some slight […]

Indiemunity ‘Shine’ Review

Claudia Norris has released two low key pop EPs full of pop goodness and continues to grow her fan base with a third called Shine. Norris works her material in a very admirable, grassroots sort of way that avoids the use of outside contributors (in the songwriting department) as she uploads the material herself to […]

Gashouse Radio ‘Shine’ Review

After a pair of successful EP releases on the indie circuit that charted on several radio stations (Hello, Hello and her debut Love, Claudia), Canadian singer/songwriter Claudia Norris presents her best collection of tunes to date, Shine. The four tracks give you a taste of what the singer has to offer and leaves you wanting […]

MTS Management Group ‘Shine’ Review

Pop music as an art-form is one facet of music that never seems to die out. Though the faces change frequently, there are always mainstream fans that are willing to listen. The problem with the style now is that most of the singers and artists all sound the same, churning out cookie-cutter versions of basically […]