Claudia Norris


No More Division ‘Shine’ Review

If you want to hear the epitome of bubble gum mainstream pop then look no further than Shine by Claudia Norris. Take American Idol and mix it with what it actually feels like to experience Disney World and then deplete the idea that pain, suffering or anything bad could possibly happen to you in this world and […]

Palace Of Rock ‘Shine’ Review

How about some sunny country flavored pop from Canada? The 21 year old Claudia Norris writes feel-good music that bring thoughts to Sam Phillips songs for the TV series Gilmore Girls. “Shine” is her 3rd EP and she went down to Nashville to record it, but even if there´s country vibes in her songs, I […]

Rootstime ‘Shine’ Review

Rootstime Review HERE… This article wasn’t written in English, so here is the translation! Claudia Norris is a 21-year-old Canadian singer and song writer from Edmonton, Alberta who had been very active since her 13th year of life in posting her own music and sings cover versions of popular songs on YouTube. She composes her own songs on […]

Vents Magazine Interview

I was interviewed by Vents Magazine and you can read the whole interview HERE! How would you classify your music? My music is quite pop heavy and it falls mainly into that genre, but occasionally there is a slight country vibe mixed in! Who are some of your top 5 musical influences?  I’m always very […]

Music Street Journal ‘Shine’ Review

This four song EP is entertaining. It’s modern pop music start to finish. It’s catchy and well performed. It’s just not particularly creative or unique. Still, this is the kind of stuff that dominates modern radio, so you really can’t complain about that. Track by Track Review: Tonight The chorus hook on this is catchy. […]