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Universal Orlando Trip Recap

Part 2 of my mini travel blog series is here… my Universal Orlando Trip Recap! I put up my Disney World Trip Recap post on Friday… you can read it HERE! But if you’re not caught up basically, Megan and I went on a trip in October 2017 to Orlando! It was one of the funnest (I […]

Walt Disney World Trip Recap

It’s finally here… my Disney World Trip Recap blog post!! I have wanted to write this post now for months and I have NO idea why I’ve put it off for so long! My best friend Megan and I went to Walt Disney World back in October of 2017 which was during Halloween. So in some […]

Disneyworld Travel Diary

Happy Tuesday! I am SO excited to be sharing my Disneyworld Travel Diary with you today!! If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’m slightly obsessed with all things Disney. So obsessed I even started a “Magic Merch” T-Shirt company called Second Start to the Right Co. and you can shop my Disney inspired […]

10 Things I Want To Do In Disneyworld!!

Hello and Happy MAGIC Monday! I am so so excited about today’s post because it’s about Disneyworld!! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know this, but I’m going to WDW with my best friend Megan in just under a month! We’re both beyond excited about this trip… if you don’t know about my obsession […]

Claudia Crosses America (Part 2)

Happy Monday! Welcome to the second installment of my #ClaudiaCrossesAmerica series! If you’ve been following me long enough to remember last years post, thank you! If you’re new and haven’t read Part 1, click HERE to catch up. This is the third road trip my brother Jack and I have taken together in the last […]

Sugarfina Haul Part 2!

Happy Thursday! I’m so excited about this video today! I love when my mom makes an appearance, and I love Sugarfina candy so this is just a pretty great video in my opinion. You guys always ask for more videos with my mom, and I’m also really excited to let you know that she’s starting her […]

Disneyland & Universal Studios 2016!

Happy Thursday! If you follow me on social media (if you don’t, come follow me and let’s be friends!!) then you’ll already know I just went on a trip to DISNEYLAND aka my favorite place on earth and Universal Studios with two of my best friends! I put up my travel vlog yesterday which you can […]

Road Trip 2016 – #ClaudiaCrossesAmerica

Hey there! If you follow me on social media, specifically Instagram: @claudiaa_, Snapchat: @claudiaa_16 or you’re subscribed to my Youtube channel, you’d know that I recently went on a road trip across the US with my brother! I did a whole video on my road trip essentials (you can watch that here) and I thought I would be vlogging this […]

Road Trip Essentials!

Hello! I thought the perfect time to share my road trip essentials with you was while I was actually on a road trip! I’m currently driving across the US with my brother, and that is a pretty long drive haha. I wanted to share what I take with me in the car that helps me kill time, […]

Makeup & Clothing Haul! (From Nashville!)

Hi there! So being the #shopaholic that I am, I really couldn’t go to the states and come home empty handed! I mean, there are just too many fun things to buy! While I was in Nashville, I did sneak in some time for shopping. I went to Ulta, Chico’s, Lane Bryant and Walgreens for […]